I'm Carolina Marie Reyes  - a transformational coach, spiritual mentor, social strategist and Pinterest expert.

That's what I do. It's not who I am, so let's get a little deeper...

What I'm committed to is for human beings to be lit up and present to their own greatness, and empowering them to be in action to fulfill on what matters most. To do that, I am here to guide you to unleashing your inner voice, reveal your authentic self, and train you to leverage social media so you become unstoppable in bringing your gift to the masses. 


"The world needs your message and I'm here to help you remove the blocks to make that happen. "

As I’ve been guided to view life through the lens of Love, I feel called to guide others to un-do what the world has taught them so we see ourselves and life as it’s meant to be seen - LIMITLESS.

Love, peace, joy and abundance are our birthright, but somewhere along the way, the world taught us differently. Instead of being driven by love, we live in a world that’s taught us to be driven by unnecessary fear that inhibits us from living our fullest and highest capacity as we are meant to. 


"When it comes to living our best life, we must start from the inside-out."

Living our best life is not something we learn. It is more un-learning the ways of this world and discovering things about yourself that create fundamental transformation. It means uncovering a completely new way of being a human being in this world. In those new ways of being, can your most amazing life come to fruition, and how you express it through your brand and business is just an extension of your being. 

I have been living my purpose in many forms over the past 10 years. In 2012, I hit rock-bottom and lost everything I felt gave me happiness, only to be left feeling empty when all of those things were removed from my life. In that emptiness and brokenness, I found a new-found faith and uncovered I'm not empty at all, but whole, complete and perfect as I am. This was a massive lesson in loving myself, and my self-love journey will always remain a life-long adventure, but one thing remains true: I don't have to be healed to aid in the healing of others. In fact, as a student and teacher of A Course In Miracles, I believe as I heal others, I am healed. 

Over the years I’ve led Dream Board Workshops with kids and teens, 40-day Self-love Journey Courses for women, and have spoken to countless groups and organizations in various industries about my story, loving yourself and living the life we deserve to. At the same time, I started leading social media trainings & strategies for Fortune 100 clients and brands and such as Ford, FLW Fishing, The Pageant Planet, and the Australian company, Morlife. Sometime last year I gained clarity on how I could marry the two things I love into the unique gift I wanted to pursue and give to the world - coaching and empowering others on extending their message into the world thru social media.

So here I am. 

Together, we will unleash your inner voice to be guided to your highest capacity so you are empowered in extending your much needed gift into the world. 


Enough about me... I'd love to learn more about you. Send me a quick hello.