Custom Pinterest Services



A couple years ago, I began a huge love affair for the platform due to its power to influence purchase decisions + behavior, along with being a massive traffic-driver when leverage effectively. I've worked with clients and partners on how to become best-in-class on the platform. Now I am bringing that expertise to the Spiritual, Health + Wellness community because I know the unique gift I want to give to the world - coaching and empowering others to extend their much-needed message, product or service into the world through social media. And I'm going to show you why Pinterest is the secret to doing just that. 

Consulting + Training + Workshop Services Include:

  • Pin Party: Full or Half-Day Workshops tailored for Brands, Influencers & Entrepreneurs

  • Private Consult: How to Leverage Pinterest to Drive Traffic + Grow your Business

  • Customized Training: Best Practices, Insights, Content Strategy & Development

  • Account Set-up + Strategy: For Brands, Influencers and Entrepreneurs without a Presence or in need of a Pinterest Strategy


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