The Power of Pinterest - A Comprehensive Strategy

The Power of Pinterest - A Comprehensive Strategy


This comprehensive, 6-part strategy will provide you what you need to know to leverage the power of Pinterest to drive ridiculous impressions, sales, and traffic for your business.

In this 40+ page strategy deck, I will cover the following topics in detail:

The Fundamentals :: In order to master the platform, you have to build a solid foundation.

  • The Stats: Why Pinterest Needs You and Why You Need Pinterest

  • Setting-up Your Business Profile

  • Optimizing Your Website

The Pinterest Algorithm :: What you need to know to drive impressions, traffic + sales.

  • Developing Your Content Strategy

  • Creating a Powerful + Optimized Board Strategy

  • Developing Content for Pinterest as a Visual Search Engine

  • Creative Strategy and Pin Scheduling Recommendations

Anatomy of a Viral Pin :: Essential qualities for the perfect Pin and creative best practices to drive traffic, and sales.

  • What Makes a Pin Successful

  • Walking-thru Template Style Guide

  • Creative Best Practices to Drive Traffic

  • Creative Best Practices to Drive Sales/Conversion

Pinning + Profits on Auto-Pilot :: Tools + resources to automate and execute your strategy.

  • Automation Tools + Resources

  • Automating Scheduling and Profile Management with Tailwind

Data + Analytics :: Diving into analytics to uncover content and Pin strategies that your Pinterest tribe will love!

  • Reading Your Analytics Dashboard

  • Using Audience Insights

Promoted Pin Basics :: Why advertise on Pinterest and how to get started.

  • Why Advertise

  • 7 Steps to Launch a Campaign

About Carolina:

I have helped a Fortune 50 retail brand to become best-in-class on Pinterest and now using my expertise to empower influencers, brands and agencies on how to optimize their Pinterest presence to drive engagement, traffic, and sales. My expertise is across content strategy, board and sub-board taxonomy, Pin creative templates, SEO strategy, and ad campaign management.

I have worked with clients in the health, fitness, beauty and fashion industries, along with coaches and faith-based businesses.

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