Rise in Love Devotional

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This devotional is a reflection of the growth in intimacy I’ve had in my relationship with God, Jesus, and the transformation I experienced through His Spirit. I was prompted to write this book from my heart and soul so it would pour out as not only His Truth, but so I would confidently share it as my truth as well.

Our Father wants nothing more than for you to see yourself as He sees you and to pursue your purpose as He designed you to.

Just imagine that version of yourself—a woman living up to her highest potential, a woman who recklessly loves all people and honors herself as the holy temple she truly is. Imagine a woman who is bold and relentless in her mission, who knows she has a voice and uses that voice to make a difference and be a reflection of His loving image in this broken world. Imagine a woman who is moved to tears because she knows with her whole heart that God has her here on earth for a divine purpose.

Get ready for a truth bomb. You are already that woman. You have simply forgotten who you are. That woman was there the moment your old self died, along with your past, as you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord, Savior, and Friend.

It’s time to remember your true identity.

The world is waiting for you to invade this earth with the power of heaven within you.




We all have some predisposed idea of who we are, but you are not a fixed object that cannot alter. Most of what you've built your identity on is a set of stories you've now made into truths. Truths not established by God.

This devotional is intended for you to take a good look at your beliefs, draw close to His Spirit and allow for Him to do the work to release lies, heal your wounds, and renew your mind. My prayer is that you experience the Holy Spirit authentically move in your life. By the end of these 40 days, I pray your soul is on fire. I pray miracles have occurred and for you to be crystal clear on your true identity and be walking with power, confidence, and boldness into what God has in store for you. I also pray God reveals more of Himself to you through the Holy Spirit.